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Once Bitten:

Genre: Rom-Com

A fifty-something socialite, sworn off men after a failed marriage, is smitten by her new working-class neighbour but must compete with his lascivious physician in order to win his love – before he shuffles off this mortal coil. 




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What A Girl Needs:

Genre: Action-Comedy

When a maternally frustrated ‘dumb blonde’ sets out to retrieve a diamond bracelet from her philandering husband’s lover, she brings a 'husband-wife-brother-sister' con artist team to justice.


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Genre: Drama

When the heiress to the family’s ailing wool-growing dynasty resolves to find out who is responsible for its demise, she unwittingly causes the death of her lover – who is something other than he appears to be.

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New Deli:

Genre: Rom-Com


A naive Indian architecture student, faced with the threat of deportation, teams with a vivacious classmate to save his uncle’s Brooklyn delicatessen from demolition in order to realise his American Dream.


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The Legend of Willie Telberg and Son: (William Tell meets Blazing Saddles)

Genre: Absurd Comedy Western

Logline: In the Fall of 1865, a sharp-shooting twelve-year-old Black American with Down Syndrome outwits a gang of ex-Confederate misfits and saves his father from a lynching.

Whilst developing a character with a ‘disability’ in a re-telling of the legend of Swiss hero William Tell and his son Walter, I saw the market potential for an off-beat comedy, featuring a Black American father and his very able Down Syndrome son in the American West; a scenario conducive to the sub-textual treatment of contemporary social issues, such as BLM, prejudice, and inclusivity. 'The Legend of Willie Telberg and Son' irreverently serves to underscore the fact that even the so-called ‘disabled’ are indeed able.


'The Legend of Willie Telberg and Son' is a comedy-western about a widowed Black American sharp-shooting ex-Union soldier tasked with fulfilling his late wife’s aspiration to have their twelve-year-old Down Syndrome son develop into a useful member of society. When he is taken hostage by a small gang of disparate ex-Confederate misfits, he frets for his son’s welfare and determines to gain his liberty. But when he is ‘sentenced’ to a lynching, it’s up to his son to employ his own shooting skills to come to the father’s rescue and bring the misfits to justice. The story explores the themes of family, prejudice and reconciliation. 

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Positive Aging in Happy Valley: (it's a funny thing, dementia)

Genre: Rom-com / Dramedy



When an elderly widow, newly arrived in a retirement facility, encounters her long-forsaken true love, she confronts head-on the complications of his early onset dementia and wins back his heart.


It’s a funny thing, dementia. Some things are hard to remember, others too painful to forget. With populations in the West rapidly aging, there’s a growing phenomenon in our midst, discussion of which was often considered taboo – until now. Positive Aging in Happy Valley transcends the gens with its blithe treatment of the issue of dementia – time for a laugh at what, for many, might prove to be our kismet.


Positive Aging in Happy Valley is a rom-com of how love and devotion prevail. When a widow in a retirement facility encounters the long-lost love of her life, she attempts to reconnect, hoping to atone for rebuffing his marriage proposal years ago. But her love for him has grown and she is driven to go all out to win back his heart. When it becomes evident he’s in the early stages of dementia she’s not deterred. Reversing the roles, she proposes to him. He accepts, but suffers a major relapse just before the honeymoon, and she is destined to see out her days caring for him.  

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